Smaller to Bigger Things Painting

This project was a real challenge for me time wise. I had an idea of what I should do for this assignment the moment it was given to me, but it took me longer than expected to gather all the necessary materials. A majority of my time was spent sorting out the seeds and beans I used to create the main focus of this piece. After sorting the beans and seeds and such, I drew an outline of the image I wanted to create and hot glued the seeds around the outline, keeping certain beans together to help me differentiate between the different flowers after I gessoed the piece.  I also used a wood surface to glue my beans to because I wasn’t sure if a canvas surface would be able to hold up to what I planned on doing. I then proceeded to paint my piece. I decided to leave my background white because I wanted the subject matter to really pop with my audience. Also I didn’t have enough time to make a nice background that would have gone well with the painting itself. Overall, I enjoyed this assignment but I wish I would have allotted more time for painting it.

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