Series Reflection

I felt that the series I made for this project was fairly good for never having done one before. It took me a while to find an idea for each of my pieces but also for a way to connect all of them together. In the end I decided to base the entire project on my memoires of the places I have been and over time it changed to basing the entire last painting on only memory and not on a picture at all. I thought that this project was really challenging for me at first but slowly became easier as I learned from my mistakes on my paintings as I went ahead with the project. That being said, I think that each of my paintings has its own special form of surrealism that is mixed with some abstractness as well. The amount of realism seemed to shift and change until I settled on a very little amount of realism for the last painting I made. I think that working from my memory and not having a picture to refer back to helped me in the end as strange as it seems. Every time I would look at the picture for my first one, which I referenced multiple times throughout the making of the painting and every time I would I would feel more self-conscious and frustrated because it was not the same color or shape as the real thing. For the second painting I only referred to the picture to help sketch the picture and not to see if the colors were correct or the placement of the buildings and the trees. For my final painting I did not have a picture to reference so all of it was completely from my memory. The fact that I had not been back home to see my backyard in a while, which was the subject of my painting, that also helped as well. I had seen that view so many times over my life that I just inherently knew where everything was. I think that there was a lot that I could have fixed. For the first painting of the mountain by the coast, I could have added more texture to the water as well as the rocks on the shore. There was an unbalance of surrealism and realism that just made the entire painting seem off for some reason. In the second painting of landscape with St. Norbert College across the river, I think that I could have blended the water colors better, but I was at a disadvantage because I was using acrylic paint and not oil paint, so it dried so quickly. However, I think that this painting had a better balance than the last one. I think that my last painting was the best overall. I spent a lot of time trying to get the shading in the trees just right, but that unfortunately meant that I did not have enough time to add texture to the foreground of the painting. Overall, I think I learned a lot during this series and I am happy with the overall results.

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