Making Meaning Painting

My Tirst Time Working with Oil Paints

For this assignment, I was instructed to create a painting based on some of the rocks and fossils present in the Mulva Science Center on campus. There were many different rocks and minerals to chose from, but one smaller gem caught my eye. It was small and glittered in blue, green, yellow, and purple colors. I provided a picture of it in this blog post as well. I thought that the color pallete was interesting and would work well with what I wanted to paint. I had personally never taken an official painting class before or worked with oil paints, so I wanted to keep my concept relatively simple to begin with and work from there. I still wanted to make my painting a little more complex, so I thought that painting with salt would do the trick, having the work being based on minerals and all, I thought it would be cool to add some minerals to the paint. I found an artist online that experimented a lot with it in her work and I tried it myself on a test canvas to see what the result would look like. After finding my method I went on with the painting process. I did a light background of purple and blue paint mixed together with a lot of gamsol added to give it a more watercolor look. I started dabbing the canvas with a paper towel and loved the texture it created so much, I decided to do it for the entire background of my piece. From there I began to paint agate shapes on the canvas in green, purple, and yellow paint, while adding another layer of the thin watercolor texture inside the circle to add a little more depth to the piece. With every painting session, I added more rings to the circles with varying widths and colors, while keeping some of the background exposed to give it a see-through appearance. Once the rings were completed, I went on to add my salt. I did not want to add too much but enough to add some texture to the piece and give it a little pop of white. I felt that I could have added more salt to the piece, because some of the paint, mostly yellow and green, hid the salt grains from view after drying. Similarly, I wish I would have made a couple smaller canvases of smaller sizes in different colors to make my work seem more complex. Overall, I am happy with my first attempt at painting with oil paints and cant wait for my next assignment!

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