Digital Identity Painting

This project was a challenge and a new experience for me. I don’t normally like to do self  portraits because I feel uncomfortable having to show my face to a crowd, especially when they are going to judge it. However, I think that this turned out really well considering I’ve never worked entirely with oil paints on a single painting before. I enjoyed the way the paint blended together almost as if it were a watercolor painting. It took me a while to get the hang of adding different values of color to the painting while also keeping  all the colors evenly blended.  I feel as thought the face could have had more value added to it. In hindsight, the think I could have used more shading in the face so that it matched the shading in the hair more closely. The part that I was most frustrated with was blending the colors of the hair just right so that it seemed realistic. No matter what I did, I always would tend to make the colors too orange or dark so that the color never actually matched the photograph. I wanted to get more of the steak effect in the hair but that was almost impossible with how the paint blended together. The eyes also could have been better blended as well. I feel like I should have spent more time on them since they are in the middle of the painting and draw the attention of the audience, but in the end I ran out of time. I think the central theme of digital identity and how it could be represented in a self portrait cane through in the end. To better represent the digital aspect of the project, I scratched code into the black background behind my face using wire and then going over it with a box cutter to add more contrast.  I think this added a lot of texture to the piece and helped to get my point across as well. I also made sure that my face was overly smooth and free if any imperfections or flaws,  with big eyes and smaller features. This self portrait does not look like the real me but a more perfect version, which is basically how everyone portrays themselves on the internet now a days. Overall, I think that this painting represented my digital identity pretty well even though I could have spent more time refining my portrait a little more if I had the time, but I’m very happy with the results. 

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